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Coffee Selection


Italian Roast (Strength 5)

An assertive, dark roasted coffee with a hint of caramel and spices

Rich Roast (Strength 4)

Our finest Arabica beans, carefully roasted for a full flavour, a fruity aroma and a rich velvety body

Smooth Roast (Strength 3)

A well rounded medium roast coffee, giving you a smooth satisfying taste.

Mild Roast (Strength 2)

A light, fruit blend of gently roasted Arabic beans. Great for a refreshing coffee at any time of day.


Premier (Strength 3)

Our classic medium roast blend, carefully selected to give a smooth, well rounded coffee with a light but satisfying taste.

Colombia (Strength 4)

From the rich soils of Colombia, a distinctive full-bodied coffee with a unique nutty flavours.

Decaffeinate (Strength 2)

A delicious, well balanced coffee with the caffeine gently removed.


A smooth and creamy mellow coffee with a subtle Hazelnut flavour.


Espresso Roast (Strength 5)

For a really strong Flavia Espresso kick or combine with the Creamy Topping for a reak Flavia Cappuccino


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