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Fruit Vending

The Vending Machine that serves chilled orange juice........squeezed to order


Best of all, it is fully automated.

Help make people's life healthier by providing the means to consume fresh citrus juice squeezed to order.



If you want to serve fresh orange juice to your customers then the Oranfresh OR 120 Vending Machine is for you. The system transforms fresh whole oranges into individual 170cc servings of chilled orange juice.


  • Serves 120 cups with a full load
  • Holds 60 kg ( 400 oranges )
  • Serves a fresh chilled juice in 15 seconds
  • The machine is automatically rinsed very hour
  • Window allows consumer to see the oranges
  • Takes coins / magnetic cards
  • Programmed for night clean
  • Pressure jets to eliminate pulp

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