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Fructomat MINI

With the same capacity as a typical can vending machine, the Fructomat MINI has a smaller footprint but still has all the features of its larger cousin.

Healthy Drinks for all ages

Fructomat Mini, Healthy Drink, Coffee Machines, Black Coffe, Espresso, Long Espresso, Cappuccino, Vending Machines Fructomat Mini, Healthy Drink, Coffee Machines, Black Coffe, Espresso Fructomat is the worlds first low energy chilled drink dispense designed to sell low or sugar free drinks. I t uses a lot less energy than a conventional can vendor and gets its water direct from mains water. Choose your drink from a range of fruit concentrates and enjoy a refreshing drink mix with fresh, cooled water - with or without sugar, low-calorie, carbonated or still.

Packed with healthy vitamins and essential minerals you can drink whatever you like it is simple simple, hygienic and modern. Over 2 Million litres of Diesel fuel are wasted each year in transporting canned and bottled water around the UK.

Many Schools are unwittingly providing high sugar drinks to their pupils. Fructomat now gives schools ,colleges and leisure centres the chance to provide an alternative


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