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Daytona Mixerless System


The server, an exclusive Ducale patent, picks up the cup and positions it under the various dispensers to receive the ingredients needed to prepare the selected beverage.


The soluble ingredients are mixed by the water only directly in the cup creating a rich and creamy froth.


To prepare an excellent cappuccino, the cup is moved under the espresso coffee dispenser and enhanced with a sprinkle of cocoa "on the top.


When ready, the beverage is conveyed outside and placed in the illuminated cup station.


The heart of the system is an intelligent arm that moves freely inside the machine. It firsts selects a cup which is then conveyed through the machine collecting ingredients as it goes.

As ingredients are dispensed directly into the cup there is no need for mixers, dispense tubes or spouts found in conventional machines. A fine pressurised jet of hot water creates the drink entirely within the cup.

Espresso beans from the hopper are freshly ground using a low-speed grinder, beans are ground perfectly not torn apart.

By taking extra care in grinding and brewing the coffee the machine produces can use less coffee yet make a better drink. An automatic door opens to deliver the drink, thus protecting the beverage from its external environment.


A sllightly smaller cappuccino / A larger Macchiato......

With the special software controls you can even enter your own special custom number, giving you the access to your own drink.

The machine can be set to deliver up to 50 different drinks.


For more information on the 24-hour Italian Coffee Bar with unsurpassed hygiene standards call us now on 0845 689 0096 / 0208 617 1516. We are the sole UK distributors for this revolutionary new machine.

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